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5 of the Best eCommerce Plugins for WordPress

Discover five new eCommerce plugins for WordPress to make your life easier One of the best things about WordPress is…

Search Trends in 2019

Optimising for Voice, Visual and Keyword Search Trends As we move into 2019, it’s time to put our sights on…

Augmented Reality Use Cases in Digital Marketing

Have you been wondering if you need to integrate augmented reality into your 2019 marketing strategy? Rumour has it that…

WordPress 5.0 Update: Integration Guide & Features

A couple of weeks ago, WordPress released their latest major update, WordPress 5.0. With a new major update comes a…

Is Your Website Due for a Service?

Websites are kind of like a car – they require regular servicing and maintenance to ensure that they remain efficient…

How to Run (Legal) Facebook Competitions

We’ve all seen those Facebook competitions where a business page is giving away an awesome prize pack full of $2,000…

How Website Hosting Affects SEO

Why you shouldn’t choose your provider based on price alone One of the most common mistakes that first-time site owners…

How to Use the LinkedIn QR Code

Never be caught without a business card again when you use the new LinkedIn QR Code! LinkedIn provides a great…

WordPress vs Wix: Which Suits Your Business Best

WWordPress and Wix are two of the most commonly used tools for building websites today by professionals and start-ups alike….

8 Things You Can Do With Google Analytics

Adding analytics to a website is standard practice these days, and while many business owners log in regularly to check…

The Benefits of Being a Mentor: Beyond Leadership

Looking back on my career to date I recognise that I have had several mentors who have helped me move…