Mastering Google Ad Grants

I am sure you have heard of the amazing opportunity Google has given to so many Charities and NFPs around Australia and New Zealand.  Now it's your time to master managing the Google Ad Grant to make the most of the $US 10,000 per month ad spend you have at your finger tips!

Let me in!

Agency Learning

All of the strategies, skills and techniques we use to manage Google Ad Grant accounts in our agency, have all been brought together in this online workshop.  We show you step-by-step how to make the most of your Google Ad Grant account.

Un-locked Resources

We continue to add downloadable, interactive resources from time-to-time allowing you to use in improving your strategy and implementation of the Google Ad Account.  It never stops, just log in and see what new resources might unlock this month!

Live Q&A with Mel

Talk directly with your instructor Melanie.  Every month we run Live Q&As where you can submit your questions and we will go through them on a live video call with you!  No more being left on your own, this is an Online Workshop and not just a course... 

Meet Your Instructor: Melanie Gray 

Melanie is an energetic and innovative digital marketing strategist who specialises in creating profitable Google Ads Campaigns.
 Owner and Google Ads Strategist at The Ad Factory she manages over $2M in advertising spend each year. She works with international clients such as The Daily Edited, Nimble Activewear, Brooks Running and Diesel and has over 8 years experience delivering successful and profitable campaigns for clients.
One of her key passions is working with non-profits on Google Grant Accounts. With years of navigating grant accounts under her belt, she is now confident and comfortable with managing successful grant campaigns that make the most of the budget, bring in relevant enquiries and grow the organisation.
An accomplished and qualified marketing professional with a Bachelor of Arts (Psychology) and Bachelor of Business (Marketing) she is renowned for her results driven campaigns delivered with complete transparency.

"Having access to the Instructor to ask the curly questions is a definite plus.  We at PN help organisation manage their Google Ads, but now more than ever organisations need to reduce costs and bring more control in-house.  I believe this product will help them do that while playing the 'offensive' game in their marketing and taking advantage of the $US 10,000 per month"

Rodney Ferro
Director, PN Digital

Say good-bye to Monthly Management Fees!

Instead of paying anywhere from $500-$1,500 per month for ever... now you can manage the Google Ad Grant in-house and within your organisation...and we are here to support you along the way!  Our Live Q&As will help you get there.  What are you waiting for?

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