Never be caught without a business card again when you use the new LinkedIn QR Code!

LinkedIn provides a great way for people in businesses to stay connected and with their new QR Code feature it has never been easier. Trying to remember someone’s name, scribbling it on a bit of paper or trying to search for them on LinkedIn is now a thing of the past. As long as you both have your mobile phones with you, you can make stress free, on the spot connections.

What is a QR code?

Recognise the black and white square shown below? This is a QR Code.

LinkedIn QR Code

QR codes are two-dimensional barcodes, also known as Quick Response Codes. They contain a machine-readable code in the form of black and white squares which stores information, like URLs.

They were originally invented in Japan in 1994 to help track parts in the manufacturing process of vehicles. Today they have been adapted to work with the cameras in our smartphones and are used mostly for advertising.

QR Codes and Social media:

It is likely that you have come across QR codes on product packaging, or perhaps on electronic tickets, but have you ever seen or heard of them being used for social media?

Snapchat was the first social media platform to incorporate QR Codes. Twitter, Facebook, Messenger and Instagram have since followed with LinkedIn joining them in July of this year.

QR codes work well for social media, allowing people to advertise their profiles, and make new connections easily.

What is the LinkedIn QR code?

The LinkedIn QR code is your own personal code that will take people directly to your LinkedIn profile so that they can connect with you.

Why do we need this? Well imagine you unexpectedly met someone you would like to connect with and you are caught without your business card to hand them. Instead of having to spell out the name on your LinkedIn profile or find yourself using their phone, they can simply scan your LinkedIn QR code and immediately access your LinkedIn profile.

In addition to this, you can also include your QR code on any marketing material for your business, in your email signature or on your resume.

How to use LinkedIn QR Code:

LinkedIn Code

Step 1

Tap the QR Code icon in the search bar at the top of your LinkedIn homepage in the LinkedIn app.


Step 2

Enable camera access so LinkedIn can access your camera on your device.
Step 3

You will now be in the ‘Scan’ section, here you can scan another person’s LinkedIn code and you will be connected to their LinkedIn profile.

QR Code LinkedIn



How to linkedin qr code

How to Get the LinkedIn QR Code

To get your own QR code tap on ‘My code’ and you will see your unique QR code which contains the URL to your LinkedIn profile. Another user can now scan your code, as shown above in step 3.




LinkedIn QR Code: Simple!

As you can see, using the new LinkedIn QR Code couldn’t be easier once you know how. We all we understand how important relationships are to your business and now that you are armed with this handy new tool you will never miss a networking opportunity again!

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