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helping bring all our learnings and experience to your fingertips!

The Digital Crowd was formed to help bring a new style of online workshops and training to those businesses and organisations that are serious to learn and develop their skills in-house.  When we ask new customers “if they used YouTube?”,  they often come back saying they have tried, not sure about its credibility and don’t really know where to start or how it all works together.  So that is why, The Digital Crowd exists (we like to help)!

…where only proven strategies applied in real businesses make the cut!

Google Ad Grant Workshop

I am sure you have heard of the amazing opportunity Google has given to so many Charities and NFPs around Australia and New Zealand.  Now it’s your time to master managing the Google Ad Grant to make the most of the $US 10,000 per month ad spend and maximise your online efforts!

Hear from some of our clients...

Our experience with the team online via their workshops and webinars has been positive - their service is transparent and they are always happy to share their knowledge and show us how to do it ourselves.

SharynMentis Assist

The Digital Crowd are my go-to for all things digital marketing when I am looking for help. I enjoy implementing myself and the wisdom, knowledge and NEW Ideas they have provided over the years has been invaluable.

Tim WDeakon Pty. Ltd.

The online workshop/course I attended was on Google Ad Grants. Mel really knew her stuff and boy there really is so much to know about managing a Grant account. I found the workshop a great place for me to learn more about how to start and grow the account. I also soon realised what bits I could do myself and what bits were best to leave to the professionals. The team were very responsive to any support questions and I particularly enjoyed their live events and webinars.

HelgaAdvancing Health Naturally

With the assistance of the tutorials and resources on The Digital Crowd we have been able to learn to better utilise our presence on LinkedIn. Learning how to grow our network effectively and starting to generate some buzz and even some leads.

JohnOrbit Cleaning

The Digital Crowd online workshops have been instrumental in assisting us with creating a plan of attack for the digital marketing of our new company. We have been able to educate ourselves in using Google Analytics, basic SEO and social media to further enhance our website and business. We love their approach to simplify aspects of digital marketing to ensure we understand. We would highly recommend their online workshops for your digital marketing needs.

TamaraMelbourne Kitchens and Bathrooms

Popular Online Workshops

We would love to hear from you…

Our intention with The Digital Crowd has always been to help our community.  So please let us know what is a topic that you would like us to cover?  We might turn it into a blog article for you, even a webinar.  It also helps us know where in our online workshops we can add more value!  So, what do you want us to cover next?

What did you want us to cover next? 

What did you want us to cover next? 

What did you want us to cover next? 

What did you want us to cover next? 

What did you want us to cover next? 

What did you want us to cover next?